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domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Just happens

Un mundo que nuestros padres no imaginaron.
Yes, it is happens around you just now and you can be a part of it or…give up and live in the silent half part of humanity that still living thinking in one world that leaves us about  twenty years ago, when big corporations saw that profit could be a one day question, never more  a year objective.
We live under connected world rules and it is a very important issue to interiorized and manage as a natural condition for us, the problem is that our connected family is growing and growing fast than we can controlled or imagine.
Aged people with more than 50 years are in the middle, just y the fork of the road: they can still fighting and running with youngers or retired and surrender, but it will means disappear from community and be a part of  “the forgotten” the people who was but not are, simply the others.
Just this week end I can test the marvelous advance based in a simple device we can´t dream few years ago: the IPad, the vehicle for my own commodity and free work based with no fixed points, desktops or big business center. Only wireless universe created and destroyed day by day, the instant world where corporations support or blow up nations moving money from one part to other while sun runs from east to west.
One second is a complete live but our politicians still believe in a slow motion world unable to fight against the furious banks, the truth owners of time and lives under the age of “homo digitalis”.

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