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miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

The silent revolution

This is the Higgs logo, a simple picture with many lines means nothing for normal people, but for others is the image of the new science´s world map.

Everybody remember July 4th as the US day, but also today will be remembered  by a very important revolution knows by a few persons, just a handful of scientist searching about material structure and behind, the unknown world where energy change, mute and was converted in mass, in real material and elemental particles with atom is composed.
The revolution began in Swiss, in the CERN laboratory where particles are accelerated close to light speed and crash for expand all their components with high energy level in a very little time spark. Is just in this mile seconds when the scientist can looking for true, for all catalogue of  ephemeral realities with very strange names as “Higgs bosom” the god´s particle, the particle than give mass to other particles, the key, the angular stone to support all material reality after energy transformation.
We are just in the door; just in the zone between dark and light; we are looking for the reality before reality, the day before the first day and I think it is a passionate opportunity to know little more about universe and physic laws.
We are made by stars dust and we return to the universe in the same condition, but we can enjoy this little moment of conscious energy named live and looking back searching new answers about our origins and the origin of the origin.
At last, humans have been doing the same since the first person looking up the stars and ask about the far lights nature, the precise moment when science was born.

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