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domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Beyond reality

Two energy sheets named "branas" creating universes after collision.
Since many centuries man was asking himself about nature essence and he obtain the answers drop by drop along human lives measurement. Great scientist and philosophers developed theories and mental construction about physic, atom, universe, stars and many other questions with hard work and effort, but I´m convinced that we lose the way just in the start of the route; in the same moment that we think that material world is the real material with the true was built.
I know that it means a very high jump to no were, but day by day I grow my own convincement that material world is an anomaly of the real essence of the reality. Universe, as we know, with stars, galaxies and many other galactic objects were born from one anomaly in the reality, and the reality are built of…energy.
Energy is all, is the original source of everything we named reality and real world, but it´s not true and it is our mistake start point for all human knowledge. We try to obtain the global rule form the exception and it doesn’t work. We must looking for energy with other eyes and trying to understand why a perfect energy have had create a singularity that conduces to universe born.
Only from this new global approach we can understand our universe as a consequence of the bad function of reality and start to interiorize that we are not an objective of god but the reality bad function with no sense or objective.

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